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Big Cock is an American sleaze rock band from Arizona, founded in 2005 by Dave Henzerling.

Band history[]

The group was founded in 2005 by Dave Henzerling (also David Michael-Philips), who previously worked in hard rock bands like King Cobra or Keel. The band name plays deliberately jokingly with the double meaning that holds this in English. On the one hand, it simply refers to a big rooster, but it can also refer to a big deal. With changing staff from this already denied some appearances in 2004, before 2005 under the name Big Cock strengthened the membership structure. As a singer while Robert Mason joined the band, which was also already known by various groups, such as Lynch Mob . According to the musical background of the members, as well as their own desire, the sound of Big Cock strongly corresponds to the rough sleaze rock of the 1980s. Consciously oversubscribed are therefore the appearance and lyrics of the band, for which only Henzerling is responsible, which mainly treat women and sex. It makes sense that the group uses the self-title "The Hardest Band in the Land".

In 2005, the debut album Year of the Cock appeared in the following year, the second album followed, and in 2008 the last regular studio album. Although the band released within a few years three albums, which were all praised by critics, then it became quieter. Robert Mason also joined Warrant in 2008 to replace Jani Lane . Big cock in the US got a moderate level of popularity, they have always been an insider tip in Europe and are especially a term for Hard Rock fans. In 2011, a fourth album titled Four-Play was announced, but the release is still pending. The group was still never buried, but since Henzerling is now back in action at King Cobra, the future of Big Cock is uncertain.



  • 2005: Year of the Cock
  • 2006: Big Cock
  • 2008: Motherload
  • 2008: Got Big Cock? (Compilation)

Music videos[]

  • 2007: Real Man
  • 2007: Ride on Me
  • 2008: Built for Speed